Q:  How many organizations have tried to adapt the principles of Toyota (a.k.a. Lean) to drive efficiency and make customer experiences better? Almost all of the worlds largest 2000 companies. And how many have succeeded? Almost none of them.

Q:  How many organizations have tried to become like Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google to become a digital leader in their industry? Almost every company on the planet. And how many have succeeded? We will let you know as soon as we find any.

 Henka was founded with the guiding belief that all companies have the desire to be better and the intention to make positive change. But they don’t know how to do it. And the steps they take, copying templates, tools and tricks rather than the thinking, ensure they fail even before they start

We have worked with banks, insurance companies, 5-star hotels, retail businesses, hospital chains and airports,

We have succeeded many times and failed enough times to know what works and what doesn’t. With us, you have the advantage to succeed and successfully transform

Core Beliefs

01. Continual Curiosity

Learn to see, hear, and think in new ways by questioning every answer

02. Simplicity in Solutions

Simplicity is the cornerstone of every
brilliant design

03. Empower Everyone

We is always better than Me, foster collaboration with fun and engaging style of work

04. Endless Experimentation

Rapid learning through small scale
experiments, iterating our way to perfection

05. Help Humans

Innovation for the benefit of people,
whether they’re customers, team members, or stakeholders

06. Context is King

One size never fits all, and no two customer bases are alike. Customisation is necessary for success.

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